InkSolve's First Animated Commercial

We put this together quickly to demonstrate the money you can save on ink!

Ink Cartridges are a Waste of Money

Printing companies are giving printers away at the prices we've seen printers get down to, however they more than make up for the loss with their ink sales.  People are paying the money because it is convenient.  The cartridges can be found at local stores, and some money-saving customers find their cartridges online. But even they are paying up to 10X more for their ink than InkSolve Customers.

More Time Between Ink Refills

We can custom build these systems for almost any inkjet printer, or we can sell you our favorite printer in a bundle pre-installed with the InkSolve Ink Reservoir.  This system has a higher startup cost but it effectively comes with 10-15 times more ink than what you find in one retail set of ink cartridges, so you can go on printing without replacing ink for up to 15 times longer than before!

Easy In-Home Ink Refills

Never again will you have to go to the local stores and buy $100 worth of plastic cartridges containing a maximum of 14ml per cartridge (average 7-8ml).  Now you will call us and we will deliver and install up to 400ml of ink to refill your InkSolve System for around $150.  This includes the equivalent of about $600-$1000 worth of ink if you had purchased it in plastic cartridges (depending on the brand and model of your printer).

Environmentally Friendly

Up to your first refill, your InkSolve System saves the environment from 20-45 ink cartridges, depending on the model and brand of your printer!  That's a lot of plastic!  Not often is something convenient, good for your wallet and good for the environment, but this is!  Call us today and get started with your own InkSolve System.  If you like your current printer we will check if we can modify it for InkSolve.  If not, we can recommend our favorite model, the Epson WorkForce WF-3620. 
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